Edgington RV Park

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Sadly, we no longer own or operate the RV park.

Edgington is still open for business, but you must call 575-434-2643

This website is no longer operated by Edgington RV Park or affiliates and you cannot make reservations through this site.


So, what happened?  Well, while the kids and I were 1,400 miles from home visiting relatives, my mother and former business partner defaulted on the mortgage and relinquished the RV park.  She made all the arrangements before telling me, and I was quite unable to do anything about it.  Yes, really.

  Life does not warn you of drastic changes ahead.

Life does not warn you of drastic changes ahead.

  Guess what, kids?  We're hobos now!  Yay!

Guess what, kids?  We're hobos now!  Yay!

Without warning, we lost our only source of income and our home.

The whole incident strained my relationship with my mother, to say the least.  But, what was done is done.  Life changes, and one must roll with the punches.  The kids and I choose to view this as the surprise beginning of a new adventure.

We sold all of our modest belongings and moved into a small camper trailer.  Are we homeless?  Well, we don't have a house anymore, but we do have a home- it is just small and easy to relocate.  I prefer to think of us as adventurous people who love to travel- on a tight budget.

Life is an uncertain journey.  Choose good travel companions.


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